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This book is called ‘I am Anxiety’, and for quite a few years that was true for me.  In fact, once upon a time it was all there was.  No happiness.  No joy.  No excitement about the future.  Just anxiety.  Thankfully it hasn’t ruled my life for quite some time, but I‘ll never forget how bad things were when it did.


If you’ve found your way to this site, then it’s quite possible that anxiety is currently ruling your life or ruling the life of someone you care about.  I’d like to help you change that.

‘I am Anxiety’ isn’t true for me anymore.  I hope this book can help you change your story - just as I changed mine. 

How can I help you?

There are lots of books about anxiety.  If you go to your local bookshop or look online, you’ll find that you have plenty of choice.  Most of them are written by medical professionals like psychiatrists and psychologists, and they give lots of great information on the latest tools and techniques to help you beat anxiety.

You won’t however find many books written by people who have actually suffered from anxiety and recovered.   People who know what it feels like to live each day consumed by strange thoughts and feelings that make life almost unbearable. 

By writing this book I’m hoping to help change that, because hearing from people who have real lived experience is important.  I learned a lot about anxiety when I was unwell  - how it affects our body and mind and why we stay trapped in an anxiety cycle -  and it was this knowledge that ultimately helped me get better.  I believe it can help you too.


This is me - post recovery - and happy.

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