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'I Am Anxiety' customer reviews


Apple iBookstore - 5 Star Rating 

Wow. Read it cover to cover in one sitting - it was just so amazing to read that this guy had all the same problems and anxiety symptoms as me and was able to fully recover. The steps he talks through just make perfect sense - I just really get it now. There’s hope for the first time in a very very long time. :-) - by Alex_McLatchie11 25 Nov 2018

I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with anxiety and looking for some practical and easy to follow steps to help with recovery.  It allowed me to look at my anxiety in a way I hadn't done before.  Very powerful and insightful advice. - by Damian CB 22 Nov 2018

I found this book really easy to read with great insights and tips to help calm myself.  I  would recommend for sure!! - by dannykeith 24 Nov 2019

An honest simple approach to anxiety and how to navigate it by overcoming fear of it. I loved the use of repetition to ensure readers understood in simple terms what is going on within the body when experiencing anxiety and how fear of anxiety symptoms only fuels the issue. David has mastered conveying his message to his audience. A must read for anyone who is experiencing anxiety. - by BOC1111 4 Jan 2019


Google Books - 5 Star Rating 

Great book very easy to understand, lots of useful information. - by Rachael Romer  11 Jan 2019


Facebook - 5 Star Rating 

I loved this book. Having dealt with anxiety myself there was a lot familiar in this book. I was able to connect with David’s explanations of how I have felt in the past and now. Acknowledgement of the issue goes a long way to breaking its back. - by David Siebert 2 Jan 2019

We anxiety sufferers are always looking for the magical instant cure ... that just doesn’t exist. David has written a practical guide, in an easy to read conversational style that will speak to anyone currently suffering and offer real hope that there is a way out of the anxiety cycle. It will take time and commitment, but David writes in such a way that you can feel confident that, just like him, you will get your life back.
It’s all about learning to tame that hyperactive amygdala!! -
by Kerry Boyle 14 Dec 2018

I have already recommended ‘I Am Anxiety’ to a number of clients and friends. I read it in a few hours and loved how honest David's story is, and how practical his explanation of the anxiety cycle. Most impressive for me, as someone who works with many people (including children) who struggle with anxiety, was his no nonsense, simple approach to minimising the anxiety response to anxiety symptoms - this is the key to breaking the cycle. 
If you or someone you love is experiencing anxiety, ‘I Am Anxiety’ will help you navigate your way around it. - 
by Bernadette O'Connor 4 Jan 2019


Goodreads - 5 Star Rating 

An accessible text in a conversational style and backed with practical strategies and informed commentary. - by Makayla 17 Dec 2018

Loved this book. It really helped me gain a much better understanding of my anxiety. I realized after reading it that I had never really understood my anxiety properly before. The explanation of why I keep going round and round in circles with anxiety was so easy to follow - and once I understood that - the steps he explains about recovery were easy to follow. 
I've read a lot of self-help books but this one was a winner for me. -
by Thomas Kelly  6 Nov 2018

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