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Four Steps to Anxiety Recovery

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Four steps to anxiety recovery from

1. Let go of the internal dialogue that tells you that you can’t recover. The mind chatter that tells you that you’ve tried it all before and nothing works for you. It’s not true – you CAN recover.

2. Stop filling your social media world with anxiety memes and quotes from other people who are stuck and suffering. It doesn’t help. It’s great that we can be open about how we are feeling – but living in a social media world of anxiety problems and symptoms just reinforces your narrative that you’re stuck in an anxiety nightmare.

3. Learn about anxiety. And I mean really learn. Learn about its physiology and what it does to the brain and body and how this makes you feel stuck. Learn how the bodies stress hormones can cause so many symptoms that make life feel almost unbearable. Learn how persistent anxiety changes the brains fear center – meaning we get more anxious more often.

4. Use your new knowledge to help you start removing the fear from your anxiety symptoms. Fear of them is keeping you stuck. Once you understand why you have them and how they occur – they start losing their power over you. As your fear of your symptoms reduces – your amygdala (which runs your fight or flight response) slowly becomes less hyperactive and you start to get your life back.

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